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​​The Sun and Fun Golf Association is all about ​FUN, FELLOWSHIP & FRIENDLY COMPETITION

We offer our members quality golf travel packages featuring popular golf destinations.

The Sun and Fun Golf Association is a Golf Travel Association. The purpose of the Sun and Fun Golf Association is to promote fellowship and further the enjoyment of golf by providing our members with golf trips promoting friendly competition at popular golf destinations.

We play 6 to 8 events each year, these events range from 3 days and 2 nights, all the way up to a week or longer.  Our tournament formats vary but we normally focus on team competitions; our formats include "2 best of 4", "modified stablefords", "scrambles", "medleys" and more. If you love to play golf and travel, you have come to the right place.

​Events take place in Florida, the Southeast and the other parts of the USA, as well as international destinations such as Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland and The Dominican Republic. One of the things that make our longer events unique is we include sightseeing opportunities where participants experience the local culture and cuisine of the places we visit.

Our longer trips often include tours led by local guides who provide unique insight to the local customs, history and heritage. So it's not all golf all the time. We feel that if you take the time to visit a place like Ireland or Costa Rica, you need to get out and experience what makes it such a great place to visit and at the same time, play the top golf courses these destinations offer.

​We have great events planned throughout the year and encourage you to join our organization so you can participate. If you are unsure about becoming a member, you can participate in one event before you become a member. Then once you see how much fun we have and how well run the events are, we are confident you will want to join.

​​Sun and Fun Golf Association

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